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We created this community to give the incredible creative minds, disruptors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the business of understanding consumers —a place to meet and learn from each other.

What is The Insight Network?

The Insight Network is an intimate community exclusively for practitioners and professionals working in advertising, branding, and marketing research & insights.

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It is a safe environment away from the noise and social media clutter for members to connect with like-minded professionals locally, and globally to learn, inspire and collaborate with each other. 

Benefits of joining - 

The Insight Network

  • A private, safe place to share ideas, engage in meaningful conversations and collaborate with like-minded professionals from around the world 🤘
  • Regular webinars and guest workshops on relevant customer insight topics 
  • Regular "Ask The Expert" sessions on various specialisms - [Coming Soon]
  • Access to interactive, collaborative learning through sharing your own experiences and participating in discussions
  • A library of exclusive resources, videos, courses, tutorials, events, case studies, and more [In Progress]
  • Dedicated regional networks to connect with other like-minded peers based on interests & location
  • Join our quarterly "Flash Masterminds" and take your turn in the hot seat. Bring an idea, challenge, or opportunity to a group of peers for insightful feedback and support 
    [Coming Soon]

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